Friday, September 26, 2008

I eat WedSpag leftovers for breakfast on Friday morning. Don't judge. Cold spaghetti is amazing, and once we eat it for dinner on Wednesday and Jake gets it for lunch on Thursday and Friday, there is a perfect amount left for me to enjoy with my coffee on Friday at 8am.

But, ohgod the heartburn.

I can't quit coffee and I don't want to quit spaghetti.

Getting old is the pits.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My meager offering

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

serious problem

I need to find a good clothing store. Any suggestions? I'm having a hard time finding pants that fit. Poor me, right? Like I'm the only one with this problem.

Pants for girls tend to be cut for girls with relatively narrow hips and those weird thighs that stick out on the sides. I don't have those. You don't have those. Who has those? Oh, wait. Most of the girls at my office.

Whatever. What about MY needs? Where do you buy your pants?

I used to be able to go to the Gap or Old Navy, but now everything at ON has ultra low waistbands and I have an ultra high muffin top when I wear them. The Gap only caters to wide hour glass people or thin string bean people. I can't win for losing there.

I like (love) Lucky, but a girl can only have so many pairs of $125 pants until her electric bill stops getting paid. Any time I buy something from there I don't buy lunch for a month, and I like lunch too much to give it up. Express is too slutty. The Limited is too much for people in their 40's. I'm too old for H&M, and I can't stand to buy one more pair of chintzy cheap pants from Mandees, Fashion Bug, etc. because I end up with 3 pairs of $30 pants that fall apart or stretch sideways or something in a month's time and then I'm $90 in the hole where I should have just bought one pair of $90 pants that last for 3 years.

Oh, I'm not above wearing the same pair of pants every day for two weeks. Or more. My kid is constantly pissing himself so it's not like I'm not doing tons of laundry four times a week.

That's enough for now, I'll complain about shirts another time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lying to children

Working for the world's largest-museum complex makes for great people watching. At lunchtime, I often sit outside on a wrought iron bench in the Castle's perfectly manicured gardens, just watching hordes of tourists go by and making observations.

Today a man, woman and two children walked by holding hands. The little girl looked trustingly at the man--I'll call him her father, for the sake of argument--and asked, "When did they come up with the idea to make the Smithsonian." Without blinking an eye, her father responded, "1874."

Close, but no cigar. The correct answer is 1846.

Parent's lying to children is not uncommon around here. In fact, The Washington Post wrote an article, "Father Knows Best?", earlier this year about parent's making up information in response to their kids' questions about objects on display at the Air and Space Museum.

I wonder how many lies my own parents told me. I never believed in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, but that's probably because I'm Jewish. I do however recall being told things like, "Quit making that face or it will get stuck that way" and "don't swallow your gum or it will stick to your insides."

What lies do you remember being told? Do you lie to your kids? Do you plan to lie when the "where do babies come from" question pops up?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ladies, WedSpag has an official spokesdrink.

Thanks to my and Samantha's love of gin (because we think it is 1923) and Amy Jo's suggestion that the incredible organic lemonade from Whole Foods (or the cheap crap from the Chinese store on my corner) tastes even more incredibler with gin, and Sara's urban garden that produces cucumbers we found it.

Now it needs a name.

What do you call a lemonade with a healthy dose of gin and a garnish of cuke? I'm sure that it already has a name. Something so delicious has to already been invented but we can call it what we want. Anyone feeling creative this morning?

Oh, and by the way, no. No it doesn't taste so good with spaghetti, but it sure does taste good before spaghetti. I'll never drink another gin and tonic as long as we both shall live.