Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best. Spag. Ever.

Spag (or veggie lasagna) is best when served without children. It's a bitchy thing to say but you know you were thinking it. Lora made a fantastic lasagna for dinner and for dessert we had hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps. Lily is still banned from spaghetti, Jake was on a date with his aunt and the rest of the ladies are always child free. It was magical.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

bad, fat friend

I'll bring the schnapps and the skim, let me know what kind of cocoa you like and I'll bring that too. I haven't been pulling my weight around here, regifted bad wine and already opened cookies are an outrage! What kind of friend/guest am I why do I continue to get an invite?

I enjoy the portion of the evening when we complain about being fat. It is entertaining to listen to not really fat, fat girls talk about the ridiculous amount of food we consume. Honestly, I should be way fatter than I am. I ate 1 heaping bowl of spag (as opposed to my usual 2 or 3 but I had a late lunch) covered in cheese, a half block of cheese coated in oil, a half loaf of bread dipped in a cup of oil, a half jar of nutella and not a shred of lettuce in sight. I would have had a half bottle of bad wine to wash it all down if it weren't for those pesky brats always killing my buzz. I am constantly bitching about not being able to eat like I used to. Seriously???


Okay. I really appreciate those of you who are bringing wine to the WedSpags. It is SO much better than salad.

Remember when I had that big movement to have a seasonal drink that we could all share? I've failed miserably! I think that our winter drink was supposed to be peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate. Who wants to bring the schnapps next week? I'll make us some real cocoa on the stovetop and we will use skim milk and skip the big bowl of marinated cheese (read:all it is is mozzarella coated in olive oil. who thought of that?!?! so bad!). Because, even though I think all of us ladies are fabulously gorgeous and ballerina thin, I want it to be a long, long time before we all sit around my table and complain about how fat we are.