Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ladies, WedSpag has an official spokesdrink.

Thanks to my and Samantha's love of gin (because we think it is 1923) and Amy Jo's suggestion that the incredible organic lemonade from Whole Foods (or the cheap crap from the Chinese store on my corner) tastes even more incredibler with gin, and Sara's urban garden that produces cucumbers we found it.

Now it needs a name.

What do you call a lemonade with a healthy dose of gin and a garnish of cuke? I'm sure that it already has a name. Something so delicious has to already been invented but we can call it what we want. Anyone feeling creative this morning?

Oh, and by the way, no. No it doesn't taste so good with spaghetti, but it sure does taste good before spaghetti. I'll never drink another gin and tonic as long as we both shall live.


Mara said...

This is why you need me to come for another Wednesday Spaghetti dinner....I’m the ultimate lush! I make the BEST Gin Fizzes with Bombay Sapphire, fresh squeezed lemons and lavender from my garden.

Amy Jo said...

For serious, this is my favorite application for the whole foods lemonade. Though I haven't tried the cucumber slice.

How about a Tom Pickles? I must give credit to Steve for that.

Mara said...

Can I nominate icebox cake as the official dessert?