Friday, February 20, 2009

Pity Post

Now, when I say "pity post" I don't mean that no one besides Lora has posted since January. I mean pity me and pity me now please, pretty please, whimper and whine, whimper and whine.
I am sitting here at 36 weeks + 1 day pregnant and I am miserable. Up until last week everything was peachy. All of a sudden the child has decided to grow like a weed. My slight pregnant belly that I was secretly proud of has ballooned into a WHOA BABY you are pregnant. Those of you that read my personal blog ( know that not but a few weeks ago I was complaining about not looking pregnant. Well those days are freaking O-V-E-R!

The kid weighs nearly 7 pounds according to the ultrasound and as a result my sciatic nerve is very unhappy. In the morning I am alright, but then after lunch my back is killing me and I can barely walk. That is a joy to add to my absolute phobia of waddling like a big, fat, pregnant lady. Does it help that I was overweight to begin with? Not at all. My belly pokes at farther than my boobs.

If that wasn't enough here is the real pity part. All I wanted in this world today was to come home from work and take a nice almost too warm bath. The water feels great on my back and the water relieves the stress on my back. Could I get the water warm at all. Hell no. So I had to drag myself up and take a lukewarm shower just to finish the bathing portion and get out.
The saving grace of this day is that I had a nice baby shower at work, and my lovely husband is bringing dinner home.


Heather-Anne said...

Oh sister, I feel your pain...the last weeks are just awful and there is no way around it. Try to find pleasure in the small things if you can, like taking a shower for as long as you want without worrying about baby screaming unattended to in the next room.

susan said...

You forget the pain of childbirth. You (eventually) put the months of sleepless nights behind you. You even can get over the way your body refuses to go back to the way it was no matter what you do. But, those loooong, tiresome, nothing-ever-goes-the-way-I-planned-it final weeks of pregnancy? Those are indelible memories. How I feel for you! Take comfort in the fact that you will soon be so sleep deprived that you won't have time to think of these days for a little while. And by the time they come back to haunt you full force, you'll be able to drink something strong enough to put them back into proper oblivion. I recommend Coconut Rum. It goes nicely with just about anything.

DNA said...

On the couch, pity partying with you!