Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heads Up Fat Girls!

Hey, hey friends! I am making the trip up from the deep south in the middle of March. I wanted to let any of the old pub crew know that it would be fun to reunite again. I am planning to be at Lora's for March 25th Wednesday Spagetti! Tavia maybe we could car pool?
And, I can't wait to meet all of the regular Wednesday spagetti goers!

PS-- Lora, I am assuming that all of your the readers know that Fat Girls is a state of mind and not a state of body, right?


nicole said...

i'm in!

Lora said...

I will be baby-free on the 25th, so I intend to be ginormously fat! my mom is taking Jake for the week!

Tavia said...

I would love to, esp. baby free, but that's a busy week for me. Liam's bday is Monday and both kids also go to the dr. that day which means shots for Keira so she'll be cranky for a few days. Then Kyle gets the snip on Thurs., so he'll be cranky for a few days.

I promise I'll be more fun once the girl lets go of her grip on my teet. I'm a loser.

Kyle would never let the grandparents have the kids for a week. I'm thinking it's a pretty good idea. Have Dave give Kyle a call and tell him to let go.

Heather-Anne said...

Awesome Nicole! Fabulous Lora! Bummer Tavia! Should I bring the boy?

nicole said...

if everyone else is going childless, I will to

nicole said...

terri is coming too!