Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had a baby free WedSpag last night! I'm not sure where Sam and Amy were (most likely guarding their crops) but Diane and Lily had to take their poor dog Jessie to the vet ER because Jessie was sick. She was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. All the more reminder to check yerself before you wreck yerself. Parasites scare me.
Jake decided he couldn't stay in our house without his dad so he went our for some man time.
Lauren got in a car wreck but is doing pretty well save for a few bumps and bruises.
Melanie had to go to a dinner at the restaurant she used to work at, so she and Jules were MIA too. Leigh Anne was at the park, I think, enjoying the second-to-last free concert in Rittenhouse before the season ends and I have no idea where the hell Hope was. Probably slaving for the devil, as she always is. Rich people blow.

So, it was just me, Samantha, and Kate and we got to talk about boys and sex and periods and stuff. Good times.

Speaking of periods, I am on my first pack of Yaz. You know, the birth control pill for the mentally unstable? We'll see how I do this month. What do you use to stop babies from growing all up in your guts?


Mara said...

trusty ol' OrthoCyclen

So far, so good!

susan said...

Are you kidding me? Let me send my almost three year old to you and your uterus will instantly shrivel to the size of a grain of rice. Not so much good for the crazy, though. (The generic version of Mara's ^ is our backup plan, should the screaming uterus ever drop off in its vigilance against the dreaded egg drop.)

The Swiss Miss said...

Good luck on the Yaz - it gave me raging migraines like clockwork. I'm now on....hell, I don't know. It's in a blue pack the size of a credit card and I take it at 8 o'clock. I'll look for the name tonight.

Tavia said...

I'll be on Estrostep again once I stop breastfeeding this new kid. Hopefully for less than a year and then Kyle will realize we're done and get the snip.

nicole said...

i really on my major surgery! and as a bonus I no longer get my period. It's sweet!!!

Michele Horne said...

Crap, you can take stuff to prevent kids??? I wish I had known that before I had THREE!!!