Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hello all!

Today is Lauren M's birthday, so be sure to gush all about it all day long! Nothing is as sacred as the day you were born, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also, holy crap! Can you believe that the holidays are practically tomorrow? Dave and I were at Lowe's over the weekend and the Christmas trees were on display. Luckily I didn't see anything that I liked better than the one I bought at Target, and the one I wanted from Lowe's last year but they were out of wasn't there again this year. Maybe it was a fire hazard or something and the universe has once again saved me from going down in a firey inferno.

Anyway, the holidays are coming and I would like to do something fun with you guys. I'm closing WedSpag to the public on October 29th because my fat girls from the Pub will be in town and we are "habbing private pardy" that day.

On November 5th, please bring all your leftover Halloween candy and we can play trick-or-treats hide-and-seek with the kiddies. We will sit and they will scamper around looking for hidden treats. Like an Easter Egg Hunt but different. If the costumes are still intact, maybe we can let them dress up one last time. Thoughts?

For the week of November 26th I'm closing the doors on the outliers again, this time my friends I met on the internet are coming over and we are going to talk about how normal it is to feel so alone and scared when you are pregnant that you stalk people online and make them be your best friends.

We will resume some sort of normalcy on December 3rd, for a couple weeks at least. I'm assuming no one will be interested in coming over on Christmas Eve, but if you find yourself with nothing to do, I'm quite sure I will have a houseful of revelers. I usually do.

Oh! Angela accidentally won the honor of naming the official winter drink of WedSpag! Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. Delish. We will be serving ours beginning December 1st. If you are good, I'll make you REAL hot chocolate. You'll at least get brandnamed packets of the stuff if nothing else. Because I'm the boss, I'm naming hot cider and whiskey as the official drink of autumn. It's getting a little too brisk for our gin&lemonade with a cuke garnish.

Hope to see you at the table tonight. If not, let me know what kind of pasta you made at your house.


Mara J. said...

Lauren M. is the coolest Mo'Fo' in town!

Rinny said...

I would crash the November 26th get together if I was anywhere near Philly.

Hope said...

stupid fun fall drinks. i guess i'll take my cider straight up with a fancy straw.

DNA said...

Keep it up and I'm driving down there some Wed! Well, in about 6 months...