Wednesday, December 17, 2008


When I started Wednesday Spaghetti, I wanted it to be huge. Just want to let you guys know that I had a talk with Dave last night at the bar about gaining non-profit status. He knows how to do it in Jersey, so hopefully Pennsylvania isn't that much different.

You ladies, you original WedSpaggers, were chosen because you are mothers, step-mothers, teachers, social workers, care givers, community organizers, and generally good people. You aren't here by mistake, my friends. I'm totally using you for your virtues. Sorry. But it's not my fault you are such wonderful people.

My vision is to work with local community centers and social service agencies to promote women and families coming together over dinner. It rarely happens but it does a world of good when it does. Ideally, packages or baskets of noodles, sauce, and cheese would be handed out along with some literature about engaging families and friends at mealtime. We'll see.

I figure it is a good concept, and the whole basket of dinner wouldn't cost more than $10 to put together. Even less if we can get the cooperation of local grocers and I know a few people who do brochure printing. I've given $10 a million times over (well... maybe not a million) to people to put towards the charity of his or her choice. Lord knows I've pissed away $10 a thousand times over on booze and coffee and junk food and I can only imagine what else. I'm sure you have too and you'll do it again.



Is this thing on?

Now, just because I said this doesn't mean I'm rushing into it. So don't push me. I hope to be a non-profit by the end of 2009 and go from there. I'll keep you posted on my progress here.

Who's in?


Mara J. said...

That's awesome, Lora. I am happy to be a part of your plan to do good! Just let me know when and how I can help. :)

Mara J. said...

My graphic design, writing/editing, publication layout and Web design skills are at your disposal.

Heather said...

Keep me posted, I will see what I can do to help here in north carolina.

susan said...

Totally on board over here -- since we can't all live in our "village" of origin, this is an excellent way to start creating new villages. God knows we all need a village or two!

Diane said...

I like your thinking lady and I got mad non-profit, social work, care giving, family, noodle skills to donate.

pj said...

hey, not sure if guys are allowed. Also, not sure if i ever mentioned this at my bloggy type thing, yet i own a silk screen company. i.e. Tees for publicity or to give out. just one more thing for you to think about.