Tuesday, December 9, 2008

please help me understand

I am writing this here because I don't have my own blog and I think you are all intelligent women with lots of life experience. My husband is really smart, he has his MBA, he has run his own department at a major corporation and has kind of a fancy job. Why is it that when he puts my laundry away, he puts everything in a single drawer, socks, underwear, shirts, pajamas and exercise gear? He is welcome to leave it in the basket where it has been sitting for the past week which is what makes his motivation more confusing. Why is it that when he has to take a child somewhere without me, he must call me 5-8 times to confirm the where, when, why, how, even if directions are printed clearly on a piece of bright yellow paper? It wasn't always this way, he was once very competent on the home front. I love this man but this stuff amazes me.

On another note, the blog I posted here last week, I also emailed to all of my friends. A bunch of them donated a toy that their child/children never opened and would never notice it's absence. We were able to give 6 gifts to each child in a family of 5! Those who didn't donate toys, donated money and we were able to donate to another family living in a domestic violence shelter. It makes me really happy that we were able to do this but it is a bit shocking to see that our kids have such an overabundance of crap that their leftovers made another family's holiday. Social working forces me to see how lucky my family is, daily. I thought I'd share this with you in case you were feeling bad about the fact that the stores are all sold out of that thing your kid so desperately "needs". And I will now stop feeling bad about my stupid husband.


Lora said...

I'm glad you got to help those families out and I'm doubly glad I don't have tons of shit in my basement anymore.
And men are kinda dumb sometimes, there is no other explanation.

Heather said...

My hubby consistently baffles me at times, but that is what makes it excitin' right? right.