Thursday, August 28, 2008

Help to Maintain My Sanity

I have some road rage. And some idiot rage. And a scosh of irritation rage. Basically if you are driving like a fool, inconsiderate of other people on the road, act like an idiot on a regular basis (and not just randomly because we all do that), or you are a flat our irritating person (i.e., my brother's wife, the woman at work whose laugh sounds like she just swallowed broken glass, or the girl at work who can't seem to form a complete sentence) you tend to frustrate/irritate me a bit.

Now, I try and let this not get to me. Noting that they are not doing it to me, but are just being themselves and it is me that is allowing them to have control over me by allowing it to irritate me. So, obviously I was listening in my psychology/sociology classes.

But here is the rub. I am pregnant. At least as far as I know. We have a Dr. appt. on September 4th. Hope to hear the heartbeat so I can put my mind at ease. As a pregnant woman, apparently my hormones are doing double duty.

For those of you that have a sweeter disposition than I....any suggestions for how to calm the F* down? I am open to anything. I haven't ever been much of a Yoga person, but will give it a shot if someone swears by it. Any ideas ladies?

Hope your spaghetti was exceptionally yummy last night!
Thanks in advance, and the Austin area thanks you too. And possibly my husband too.


Amy Jo said...

Yoga always helped me. Esp. when I was pregnant.

Mara said...


I can not offer advice to staying calm; I too am a raging maniac.