Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam & Jake

We have only attended Spaghetti Wednesday once, but we're planning on going again and again. But it's not just the good food and fun lady friends that have got me yearning to parallel park my uber-suburban station wagon somewheres in south Philly.

No, it's these two boys. Sam & Jake. Jake & Sam.

For almost three days after our first Spaghetti Wednesday adventure Sam would ask to go to 'new Jake's home' relentlessly. (He has a third cousin twice removed named Jake who has also made quite an impression on him. Therefore this Jake is 'new' Jake.) They are totally going to be bffs if their mamas have any say in it. I'm guessing we do, because until they are like, 17 or something we'll be the ones hauling their little asses around.

Only when he's 17 I'll make him do the parallel parking. It'll be good practice for his driver's exam.

1 comment:

susan said...

So. Insanely. Jealous.

(But in a very happy for you kind of way.)