Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Fellow Wed-Spag Ladies, I need advice.

I am considering getting a second cat. I know many of you are "cat people," so I was hoping you could help me make a decision.

My current cat--also known as princess--is very sweet and loves to play, but I'm not sure how she'd feel about another critter in the house. Sometimes she seems lonely (like when I'm ignoring her to do dishes or something), and I think: "she needs a friend."

I love cats. More is always better. Well, maybe not MORE litter boxes and vet bills.

What to do? What to do?


Rinny said...

I say do it! We have a very sick kitty right now at our home. Scarlette has been around for 16 years and would not do well with another kitty, but a home without cats is a home without love. Go for it. More kitties, more love.

Mara J. said...

Thanks for the advice everyone! Though, I'll admit I haven't made a decision. I want a second puss cat, but I don't want to compromise the sweetness of my current kitty. Maybe I'll got to the pound and "just look"......