Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last Wednesday all us girls got together for the first time since forever. As in, it is probably the first time Luisa, Heather, Nicole, Tavia, Annie, MIkey, and I have been in a room together. We all worked at the same bar around the same time but Luisa jumped ship to Ireland soon after I started, Annie jumped ship to Devon, Heather moved to San Diego, Nicole had Kennedy, Mikey and I got a big girl jobs, Tavia got suburban, and we all grew up somewheres along the way. And managed to spit out eight babies between the lot of us. Who would've guessed that the original fatgirls could grow up to be fatladies?

I love you girls. We didn't know each other as children but we shared that weird transition period between college and adulthood, and I consider you my sisters.

Whose idea was it to try to put these kids on the steps and get their picture? I didn't get any of Keira. Putting a six week old on the third step didn't seem safe, but she is awfully adorable.

Next time we'll get Lynn and Christa and Kat in the mix and we'll leave the babies with the daddies.
Trouble and mayhem will ensue


Mara J. said...

Glad you guys had a good time. Sorry I couldn't make it....stupid Amtrak!

Tavia said...

I'm definitely down for the kid-free version of the Pub reunion.

Oh, and in case anyone thought I was being overprotective of Keira (since I didn't offer for anyone to hold her) I was afraid she was getting pink eye and didn't want her infecting any of your spawn. (She didn't have it btw, just a non-contagious clogged tear duct). Under normal circumstances, I would have let you all pass her around like the clap.

We had a great time. Thank you Lora for being such a great hostess!! I always love getting to see the Kilby girls, Jake is the man and Dave's not too bad either, Liam was the most well behaved of all the kids so kudos to Louisa, and Sam in the cutest blondie I've ever seen.

Heather and Cody said...

This was a fabulously fat evening. Thank you for hosting! We missed you Mara...
it was an almost surreal evening. I was waiting for Benny to come crashing in at any second or that stupid bell to be pounding in our ears, sending us all running to Lora's kitchen for a app of Chicken Thumbs. I love you girls, and I wish we could have spent the whole night catching up. I feel like I barely got to talk to anyone as I kept an eye and a pair of hands on Sam at every other second. BTW, please thank Dave for doing his share of supervising the steps. What can I say? He is like his father and will climb anything.

Luisa said...

Little late on my post... just about to jump ship again and return to the emerald isle. Getting Liam back onto his old schedule in time for work on Monday... fat chance! It was great to catch up with everyone and meet those that I hadn't officially met before! Next time sans babies, definitely! Thanks Lora for being the hostess with the mostest!