Tuesday, November 25, 2008


1. For the record, I totally endorse quitting life and moving to foreign countries. I merely suggested that there may be some road blocks along the way (AKA baby daddies). Whenever you are ready Lora, call me.

2. While I love my sapphire engagement ring, I do not recommend one. It is smashed to pieces because I don't know how to act. I bartended the first 5 years I owned this lovely piece of jewelry and now that I am on the other side of the bar, I frequently challenge my fellow slobs to arm wrestling matches. I am pretty sure those of you frequenting this blog are not very delicate, scrappy girls should stick with diamonds.

3. I am outraged by the fact that Lora has 7-8 days off days off from Jake. I really don't know how to make this happen in my life. What makes matters worse is that I am booked solid for this entire week so I can't even get a piece of the action.

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Lora said...

you can pass off your brats to my family. they might not notice. tyler kinda looks like a big jake, and lily kinda looks like me when i was 5. it all works out.