Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello to all the new kids!

Do you know what is amazing? That a 99cent bag of semolina and a 2dollar jar of crushed tomatoes and spices can bring a group of people together.

Well, and maybe a couple fresh braids of mozzarella and about ten bottles of wine and a whole bunch of websites where everyone talks about themselves so that others may get to know them before they even get to see them really helps the whole process along.

Wednesdays just got bigger, and bigger is always better.

Check the sidebar to the right to see the new spaghettiers.

I look forward to seeing everyone of you around my table again sometime soon.

And I love getting emails on Thursday mornings about all of the spaghetti dinners that are happening around the world. You guys rock. It's nice to sit down to dinner on Wednesday night and know that people who are near to my heart but far from my kitchen are doing the same thing we are doing at my house. It warms my cockles.

I love when my cockles are warm.


M.J. said...

I didn't even know you *had* cockles, Lora.

susan said...

Yippee, more to read! Boo, more people to be jealous of because they actually get to eat in your kitchen. How's that for a welcome?
*Glad you're (t)here... I wish I were, too.*

RuthWells said...

Nothin' like warm cockles!