Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My first WedSpag!!!

Hello everyone!! I am Jenn from My Life with the Crazies and this is my first blog over here at Wednesday Spaghetti!! Lora is such a gracious hostess... and I was thrilled to jump on board!

Tonight marked my first ever WedSpag night here in my Crazy House! ( ok... that's not entirely true... I cook pasta ALOT in my house with 3 kids... one of them being a vegetarian and all..)

I actually was thrilled to start this here in my home town in Massachusetts because I have been so busy with work and sports and kids... and dogs... and blogging.... and twittering... well... you get the idea. So I haven't seen alot of my friends as of late and I just thought, "what the heck?"

Alot of my friends are busy moms and fortunately or not most of them don't cook much so they always seem to love when I cook and they can just come eat and socialize for awhile.(or I atleast think they like my cooking!)

I also am an avid photographer so alot of my posts contain pics! I hope you all can handle a little food tease!!

I invited my bestest girlfriend Julie and her Hubby Seth and their son Ty over for dinner tonight.Julie is a busy workin mom and isn't really a culinary expert. Once, shortly after moving into my new house... which has a gorgeous large kitchen with awesome island in the middle.... Julie commented that she would have to come over weekly for cooking lessons complete with video camera manned by my teen... and I would teach and do alittle Emeril for everyone while being filmed. ( We never did get around to that but it would be great to have a WedSpag on video, don't ya think?)

So they arrived... it is gorgeous tonight here in Mass, so the little ones headed out to play in the yard... the big boys retreated to the living room to discuss video game strategies while Julie and I hung in the kitchen cooking. Julie's younger teen sister even joined in the party and she and my teen hung out chattin.

A good time was had by all and it was so fun to catch up even for a few hours!

Here are some pics of our first WedSpag!

I look forward to more to come... with more people joining us!!


Gwen said...

Yay for you and your friends! I ate ziti tonight in the spirit of Wednesday Spaghetti. But I had no wine! Oh well. Definitely next week.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Yea for you Gwen... next time have the wine LOL

Lora said...

good girl! welcome!

M.J. said...

Welcome! I am happy to see the Wed Spag community growing beyond geographical boundaries!

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Looks like fun, I wanna come. Too bad I am so far away. I have always wanted to go Mass.