Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Sad, Sad Journey Towards Friendships

First off, thanks to Lora for inviting me to the secret society. I have never met Lora in real life as I live in the great north woods of New Hampshire. "You have internet there?" you ask. Why, yes, we do, only if we have power after we clear the ice off the lines!

Anyhow, I met Lora from stalking her indiscriminate Twitter banter. If any of you are on Twitter, you are familiar with most of the pompous, self promoting drivel that is on there, which is why Lora was so conspicuous.

And that is the short story of how Michele was invited over for spaghetti dinner.

When Lora invited me last week I was excited but apprehensive as this is something I have struggled with for years (female friendships... not eating spaghetti!) My friends from youth are spread from Washington to Rhode Island, which means I see very little of them. And building new female relationships has been an issue most of my adult life. I had my first child at 23... not too young (or so I thought), until I realized that most women at that age were still out partying and bar hopping, while I was home with a papoose attached to my nipple. Other 'moms' that I encountered were just... not cool. They wore mom jeans, gossiped about other mothers, and would make snide comments about piercings and tattoos (both of which I have).

It took me years to find women who I could be comfortable around and actually spend time with without wanting to jump out the nearest window. Now, I have a very small group of wonderful friends. But unfortunately, at this point in our lives, it is simply time that holds us back. After my invite to dinner, I immediately asked two girlfriends to join me. One works Wednesday evenings and one just can't get here in time once her husband gets home from work.

I will persevere. I might just have to pick up a random drunk chick at a bar and promise her a ride home, only to take a 'wrong turn', bring her to my house and force her to eat spaghetti with me... and LIKE it!

So, tonight, it will just be me and my 3 mini-girlfriends (AKA my daughters) and my hubby for spaghetti and garlic bread, which I bought special just for the occassion. I will raise my glass and send you all good cheer.


Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Welcome to the club! I joined recently too! I will be posting later!!

Lora said...

dinner with family is just as important (I know I'm supposed to say more important, but come on) as dinner with friends. It's almost impossible to screw up WedSpag!