Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Made Spaghetti and My Husband Didn't Leave Me, you know. It was a good night.

Last week I asked my husband if I could "do Wednesday Spaghetti." Thinking "Wednesday Spaghetti" = Have a bunch of bloggy chicks over while he and the kids go out for pizza and to the playground, he was all in favor.

Then he saw the evite I sent out. And the fact that 30 people, only two of whom and only by coincidence are bloggy chicks, had RSVP'd with a big, Hellzyeah.

I was thrilled. Delighted. Whoohoo.

Him. Not so much.

And I see his point. His brain was set on "I'm outta here for a few hours" and then he had to quickly adjust to "I'm not even remotely outta here and it's Wednesday and where are those extra chairs and do we have enough beer."

I refused to allow myself to get worked up, I didn't sweep a thing, nor did I frantically scrub toilet bowls, in anticipation of the spaghetti guests. I tried to emphasize that it isn't a PARTY, it's WEDNESDAY SPAGHETTI. Not allowing myself to get worked up sounds easier than it is, but I did honor of the Wedspag.

It was just what I wanted it to be. Neighbors, friends, loved ones, eating their spaghetti. Kids racing around the yard. Old friends played catch-up and new friends got to know each other.

By 8:30 everyone had returned from whence they came, the kitchen was on its way back to cleaned up, and my husband hugged me, smiled, and said he'd had fun.

That's good. Because you should see the size of the invite list for the next one.


M.J. said...

That's the great thing about Wed Spag--it's not about making an elaborate meal and being the best host you can be. It's about friends getting together to talk and eat some food. You gotta eat anyway. Why no do it in the company of good people?

Michele Horne said...

You didn't get all worked up over making your house spotless??? You NEED to teach me this trick so that I might enjoy gatherings at my house more!

Lora said...

I'm glad that it worked out, I told you that there was nothing to worry about!

Heather-Anne said...

That is awesome!! Glad to hear our WEDSPG is growing and spreading like the delishiousness it is!

ms. changes pants while driving said...

wow. this is an awesome idea.

Michelle McGee said...

LOVE this!!!