Monday, May 4, 2009

press and admin stuff

Anyone is invited to get in on WedSpag, please let me know if any of your friends are interested in starting their own spaghetti nights and I'll get them set up on the blog. I've just about given up on adding everyone onto the evite- it's more complicated than it sounds. In fact, I may be ditching the evites totally because all y'all know that my door is open unless I say otherwise and no one really opens them up anymore anyway!

Thanks to everyone who is writing about Wednesday Spaghetti on their blogs. Here are a few posts from the past few weeks:

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M.J. said...

What's up with the "blog party" others have mentioned? Simultaneous, nation-wide spaghetti eating and online conversing?

dragyonfly said...

I also have a question....what the Weds spaghetti all about? I read the side but is it like, REALLY eat spaghetter every Weds with your friends? Hell, I cant even get my friends together once a year...LOL...
I guess I thought it was like a Wednesday online thing..
And then what do you do Post on here or go post on my blog?
Im so confused, but dang--spaghetti sounds so good right now...

Amy Jo said...

Wed Spag is on tomorrow right? I will 100% possibly be there, with both kids and meatballs in tow!