Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jake and I had a private MommyBaby Wednesday non-Spaghetti last night full of all of our favorite foods. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, hummus, edamame, sushi, and mozzarella cheese.
I wish the picture of him was a little bit better, but at least you get to see how well my child eats.
The secret is being a mean mom. I didn't let him eat "kiddie" foods until he developed a taste for adult stuff. I'm the worst.


Tiffany said...

You are not the worst. You should see the crap my friends let their kids eat!

Not that I'm above a little cheating now and then...

Today my kids wanted a cookie. I told them first they had to finish their sandwich, with ham and LOTS of lettuce.

Then I made them each eat an apple.

Then I made them each eat some cheese.

Eventually they got their cookie.

Rinny said...

I love all those things.....except sushi, but I do like california rolls...which is cheating I know. Don't hate me, I am from the isn't fried I don't like it. Bill LOVES it though.
Way to go Jake and Lora. Healthy kids and healthy mommas!

M.J. said...


My mother made me eat healthy as a kid, and now I keep healthy eating habits as an adult. Depriving your kid of junk does not make you a mean mommy.

susan said...

I can't get over how big that kid is getting. I'm half expecting him to inquire as to my well-being and to want to discuss the latest health-care issues the next time I see him. (Which, if plans don't fall through, could be as early as next fall... does Jacob have his social calendar full yet for October?)

Michele Horne said...

You are the coolest mom ever! I wish my parents fed me sushi. My daughters actually love it... it really works to just start feeding them a variety of foods from an early age. And never, NEVER, push your dislikes on them. My older 2 daughters both hate mustard since my husband will not hide his disdain. Bad, bad daddy!

MemeGRL said...

I'm totally with Tiffany...and good for you and your success! I tried the "grownup food first" thing but once exposed to nuggets there was no return. Well, not quite fair; my older one can down a salad faster than I can (and I love my lettuce).
It's good to have the one-on-one fun dinners every once in a while. Looks like fun.

Tiffany said...

Your kid is ridiculously cute! Even when fuzzy!

Joycee said...

Yea for mean Moms, you rule the world! He will grow up with an appreciation of good food AND a healthy body! Thanks so much for following grannymountain.
joy c.

incognitomom said...

I bow before you. My kid won't touch a raw veggie or sushi. He used to eat all kinds of cooked veggies and fruits but lately we've been struggling with getting him to eat some of that stuff. Edamame he will always eat though.

Unfortunately, snacking on the bad foods has become a bad habit for all of us in this house. Bad mommy for buying it and bad daddy for being the one who is constantly in the pantry eating them and sharing them with the kid.

My last shopping trip I came home with lots of fruit and very little junk food. Hoping to turn our bad eating around.