Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alright... so it isn't spaghetti, but...

So, I always make dinner for my little family (My Babe & pug), and this particular night I caught it on tape... I think this was on Thursday...

Here is a condensed version of my sketchy (but very yummy) cooking :)

Souvlaki pita sticks (much better when done on the BBQ, but hey... I'm an apartment goer so these were made in the frying pan)... with smashed potatoes!!! mmmmmmm.... oh, and a nice big bottle of Pellegrino to wash it all down... bubbly :)

Easiest salad for a tomato lover - just cut up the ripest one you can find, season it with sea salt and some herbs, then douse it in an oriental flavoured salad dressing (so creamy, soooo good - cuts the acidity of the tomato a bit).

Babe here, packing 'em down ;)

Pug here sat in for me in this pic... she later had her own plate. This is what it's all about isn't it... just sharing some good food with the people in your life (yes, I DO consider pug to be a person)...

... and the mess that is still waiting for me in the kitchen... *I am rather bad when it comes to cleaning up, even though I do it eventually anyways*

Happy Fathers Day!

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