Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Food and Friends and a Great Cause!!

OK, so its not Wednesday and I am sure we wont be having Spaghetti !

Tomorrow night we are all ( Hubby, Kylie, Trevor, and my nephews) off to the Relay For Life Cancer Walk in Gardner Mass. We do this every year. I had Cancer. My dad had Cancer. My nephew Liam had Cancer. We are all survivors.

My sister is a nurse and her hospital forms a team and we walk ... all night long!

The last few years we would go up and have a nice walk... have a little BBQ and then head home around 9PM.

Tomorrow we are actually camping out. Sleeping bags, tent... the whole sha~bang!

We are cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, chips, dip, veggies and dessert. There will be cupcakes (made by me!), cookies, banana bread, and lots more! We will walk the Survivors Lap and this year we will not only walk for ourselves but we will take my nephews hand and walk with him, as his mom ( my cousin) is gone. See, she and Liam's dad Todd were killed in a car accident last year. Liam is excited to walk tomorrow and we will walk with him... for Michelle would be proud that he is 5 years Cancer Free!!

So here's to good food, great friends and an amazing Cause!!

I will be thinking of all you other Cancer Survivors and those that have been affected by this terrible disease as I walk tomorrow!


Gena said...

I am proud of you and your family. You are so strong!

Enjoy your day.

I, too, support the cause.

M.J. said...

It's great that your family supports one another and supports this cause together. I am proud of you too!

Michele Horne said...

My thoughts will be with you. Thank you from all of us who support the cause.